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Choosing the Best Wireless External Hard Drive for iPhone

Apple Time Capsule 2TB MD032LL/A

Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. It’s also a full-featured 802.11n Wi-Fi …

Consumer Reviews
  • “Here’s where the Time Capsule was proven to be worth the money.” – JoshJosh
  • “Set up was very easy, as you’d expect from an Apple product.” – Husky Mom
  • “I love the fact that the Time Capsule is also a dual band router so I have the regular network set up for most devices and the 5GHz network for my Macs and iPads.” – Ron A

Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB Mobile Device Storage with Built-In Wi-Fi Streaming (STCK1000100)

With Seagate Wireless Plus, you can enjoy your media and access your files without wires or the Internet. This mobile storage device broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network, so you can wirelessly stream your media and files to your tablet or smartphone on-the-go and off-the-grid.

Expert Advice
  • “It even allows you to play media files such as video, photos, music, etc. through the app.” – JCC
  • “Overall this is a great product and also very easy to use/setup.” – Sidarta Tanu
  • “There is no new firmware upgrade on Seagate site and nothing that can help me diagnose or fix this problem.” – H. Dinh

Apple Time Capsule 2TB ME177LL/A

Time Capsule – 2TB – 2013Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in OS X.

  • “This works great and very easy to use.” – Louis P Zuppardi
  • “Set up was quite easy, even though I had existing routers on my network.” – OC Resident
  • “SUMMARY Overall the new Time Capsule is a great shared storage drive for Mac and PC.” – J. Gebauer

Apple Time Capsule 3TB ME182LL/A

Time Capsule – 3TB – 2013Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in OS X.

Customer Reviews
  • “NETWORK SET UP Setting up the Time Capsule for the internet was extremely easy.” – J. Gebauer
  • “Easy to set up.” – Holbytla
  • “Luckily, I haven’t had to use the back-up function, but I feel much more at ease knowing it is there and will stay current no matter how lazy I get.” – Lukester

SanDisk Connect 64G Wireless Media Drive Streaming On the Go (SDWS1-064G-A57)

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive provides an easy way to wirelessly store and stream your favorite high-definition movies, videos, and music on up to 8 tablet and smartphone connections–including 5 different HD movies simultaneously.

Consumer Reviews
  • “I use Android, and I found that the app works as advertised; I was able to view, upload, stream, and download files via WiFi.” – J. S. Green
  • “I think….too good to be true.” – S. Elgan
  • “Sadly SanDisk seems to refuse to acknowledge the product has issues.” – A. Kyle

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage 500 GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive STBF500101 Black

GoFlex Satellite (iPad) EN/FR Kit black, WiFi 802.11/USB3 with wall and carchargers, 5400RPM, 8MB CacheProduct DescriptionGoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage allows you to carry your media library with you while on-the-go and wirelessly stream movies, photos, music and documents to your iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Expert Advice
  • “It was advertised as a storage device for media that can be streamed wirelessly to your iPad.” – S. Kessler
  • “Great product and it is easy to setup and use.” – Kenneth Lee
  • “A firmware fix is not what is needed to resolve the product problems.” – Ken

Seagate Central 4 TB Shared Storage Ethernet External Hard Drive (STCG4000100)

You can’t enjoy what you can’t find when your digital life is spread across multiple computers, hard drives and flash drives. With Seagate Central shared storage, it’s simple to back up all your files, documents and media to one location on your network, and enjoy the convenience of a shared digital library that is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

Product Ratings
  • “Yet I can still see the drive in my network and access the public share.” – LaughingVulcan
  • “The not-so-nice thing is that to get to that point, you are going to have to spend a LOT of time with this as a WIRED storage device.” – mahlers2nd
  • “I did it because I have had many great Seagate products and because with new technologies the problem may be on the customer’s lack of basic expertise or patience.” – NoNonsense

WD My Book Live 3TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files and Photos
Western Digital

WD’s My Book Live home network drive allows you to consolidate your media in one central location for everyone on your wired or wireless network to access and enjoy.

Expert Advice
  • “Cannot access it via IP address or browse via Network.” – DJ Yules
  • “Like many many of the experiences you will read about here and on the WD support forums, my drive has become unresponsive after it attempted to update itself.” – John
  • “I called WD support and they offered to replace the device, but they do not provide data recovery services.” – fishbone

Corsair Voyager Air 1TB Wireless Mobile Storage With Ethernet (NAS), iOS and Android, BLACK (CMFAIR-BLK-1000-NA)

Voyager Air is the high-performance media hub for your connected life. Store all your digital media and the whole family can enjoy it at home or on the go.

Wireless External Hard Drive for iPhone Reviews
  • “Overall very pleased with my choice and specifically how easy it was to set up and use.” – Amateur Geek
  • “Once connected to the Voyager Air via WIFI I was able to password product it and also enable WIFI pass through.” – LHenderson1125
  • “Free apps are available for iOS and Android; they let you copy files to and from the phone or tablet and the device, as well as stream audio and video.” – esanta

Kingston Wi-Drive 64 GB USB 2.0 Pocket-sized Portable Storage WID/64GB-A

With integrated Wi-Fi and four hours of battery life, Kingston’s new Wi-Drive offers pocket-sized portable storage and easy file sharing for mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Amazon Kindle Fire and more.

Product Comparisons
  • “I have streamed movies from the Wi-Drive to the Fire and via HDMI to a tv while on the road and that worked great as well.” – Charlie G
  • “Very easy to use and set up.” – Jeffrey B.
  • “It appears that it grabs an IP address from your DHCP server to connect to the network.” – Silhyboy

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